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"How do you start documenting a process when managing internal SEO programs?" 

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Built for all in-house, agency, consultant or any professional SEOs who need a proven system to operate their SEO programs with. 

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  • Most Common SEO Program Challenges (Not just small but even the largest brands experience all of these) 
  • 3 Key Areas to real SEO Program Success
  • SEO Operation for organized SEO program success... The same model I've applied to all my largest well-known clients programs
  • Loads of Resources & Best Practices only the BEST SEO programs use ... Not widely known or used in any agency or "guru SEO expert"
  • Bonus: Ultimate SEO Technical Audit Guide (Originally developed for one of my major F500 clients... it's all yours now!) 

Just about every SEO team experiences one or all of these very common challenges... find out how to deal with them and a lot more. 


The in-house SEO, agency or independent SEO consultant - or anyone entering SEO who just needs a solid understanding about how to build an SEO process without reinventing the wheel. 

Created for the new and experienced SEO professional. I developed a professional playbook to help me organize all my largest SEO programs, and found it works in any size SEO Program - for large or small SEO programs.

It will equip you with a proven system that allows you to charge a lot more for your SEO programs... Charge a lot more by offering a top tier SEO program for your clients, your employer or agency clients.

Created by Janet Bartoli

Janet Bartoli has worked as a professional SEO since 2004, building, leading and managing some of the world's largest SEO programs for Fiat, Verizon, Bank of Montreal, and many others. Janet founded StrategyRework as a way to help SEO professionals with process, and SEO program management the proven, and most efficient way to run, lead or manage SEO programs. 

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