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Hi! I'm Janet Bartoli

I'm here to help you launch or help build a successful career as an in-house search engine optimization professional.

I will save you years of learning, provide mentorship, and help you become more expert.

If  you have an interest in transforming into an SEO expert within your company, or agency - then you're in the right space, and that's exactly what I'm here to help you achieve. 

What is Strategy Rework? 

The definition of rework: transitive verb. : to work again or anew: such as. a : revise. b : to reprocess (something, such as used material). Strategy rework - serves to help you revise or begin anew in your SEO career, through SEO mentorship, trainings, educational in-house SEO group calls, best practices, clear direction, and loads of education meant to help you advance in your SEO career. 

Early on before there was a YouTube

Since 2004 I've helped hundreds of corporate teams, new college grads, digital agencies, developers, and so many others develop their SEO skills and watch them transform from no knowledge of what SEO meant to driving huge organic search traffic growth and sales within their organizations and teams. 

Everyone starts from having little or no knowledge. Even if you just graduated college without having taken one marketing course, or have zero knowledge of how to code in Javascript. You can absolutely become an expert, well-respected SEO. 

Let's begin with what "SEO" really is? Is SEO Dead? 

What is SEO? 

Here's How I Define it

SEO, or search engine optimization is the process a digital marketer takes to improve a web page or entire site's overall search ability in Google, Bing, YouTube, or other search engine. There are both technical areas of a page or site that can be optimized to help both visitors and search engines find your website. 

There are so many scammers who talk a big game and who don't have any idea the level of effort involved in an awesome SEO program.

At Strategy Rework, I teach you how to build an SEO career from scratch. From not knowing what a title tag is to knowing how to perform a site migration and everything in between. I'll help you get ready for your next SEO interview and share the best way to ace the interview and lead an organization's SEO program, whether in the US or internationally. 

In other words, we don't cut corners, or talk about how to fool the search engines.

Which of The 3 SEO Career Paths Is Right For You? 

Whether your ultimate goal is to work as an independent SEO consultant or within an established digital marketing agency, or as the "in-house" corporate SEO Director, it's important to understand the differences of all three. 


Works as an independent search marketing consultant supporting clients in a one on one situation.

This can be exciting and challenging if you're starting out from scratch. There's just so much to learn and it can be difficult to start in this position while learning all that there is to learn about how SEO works.

You should realize your client will also need to have some confidence in your ability to get the job done. Because they need to you to help them see growth in their website traffic, leads and sales. 

Oddly enough, this is exactly where I started back in 2004.

Having zero experience outside of the ability to build websites for local business owners.

I applied as many known search engine signals as I could - but back then, just having a well targeted title tag was mostly what you needed to rank well.

Knowing how to develop SEO proposals, statements of work (SOWs), and how to run an SEO program from beginning to greater levels of sophistication wasn't anything I knew about, and that made the learning curve that much greater. 


Works within an established digital marketing agency, usually within a group of other search marketers and specialists. Great place to start out if you are just learning SEO before either going in-house or working as consultant. 

The Agency SEO takes on multiple SEO client work without the need to pitch proposals and find new work - until they get promoted to a senior level position.

This is by far my favorite place to learn as much as you can as fast as you can. There's nothing like working on a variety of clients in different verticals and industries to help you learn what works and what doesn't.

You'll also get the benefit of watching how the account director runs the client relationship, how to work with larger teams and many personalities.

It's not for everyone and many agency people don't stay longer than 2-4 years, because like dog years, 1 year in an agency can be equal to 4 years. 


When you work within a company, you are either the company's solo SEO Manager, and thought leader, or you are part of a digital marketing team working with an external digital agency partner.

I've seen some very large well known wireless company take someone from accounting or some rando non-marketing department, and tell them they are now the "SEO Manager" for the company.

That would be the absolute wrong way to hire and grow an SEO team in-house. 

The level of experience this person must have should be a bit more than beginner - you should have at least 2-4 years experience working with clients, and have a good understanding as to how operationally, an SEO program is run.

You will have to answer to your CMO (chief marketing officer), other internal teams that don't know what SEO is, and most likely forget about when they develop a new site or product page. 

Should you know everything in order to be successful as a corporate SEO? Absolutely not.

But, you should have developed some method or process you can follow, and leverage in order to provide a place to start from. Teaching as many internal "clients" or other teams including the development teams, is helpful, and recommended.

You'll need to get as many in the company on board with understanding the purpose and goals of your SEO program.

This is no easy task, but certainly something you can learn with the right direction

I've had the pleasure of being all three of these.

I enjoyed many aspects of all three and can help you become really successful at any or all of these if you choose.

There are many SEOs who will only remain in the digital agency, and feel they'd get "bored" if they ever worked for an employer, in-house. This is the furthest from the truth. You'll be so busy, you'd never have time to think about what it would be like to be bored. 

Ready To Get Started?

If you're in the early stages of beginning your career in SEO, don't worry, I've got a free downloadable guidebook that outlines where and how to get started. It's a downloadable PDF, and I've packed it with some really helpful, current resources for you. 

When you download the guidebook, I'll ask you what YOU need help with, and make sure you get the help you need to become a successful SEO. If you haven't checked out the SEO Resources page - head over there and get my favorite SEO tools for building a site, and growing your natural search traffic. 

I have lots of experiences to share with you. I do still work closely with a well-known digital agency, in-house SEOs and many who just want to learn how to optimize their site. 

No matter what SEO career path you choose, you need some direction, some organization and some level of project management to efficiently and successfully manage the entire SEO program. Managing SEO can be complex, but I built a course for SEOs to help them cut through the tactical noise and show you how easy and more efficient you can be in managing any size SEO program. 

Get started FREE - Just click the link below and I'll send you The Kickstart SEO Roadmap is a free course. It's broken down into 3 modules, Downloadable templates, and + a BONUS SEO Summit Interview section, where you hear from some of the well known SEOs in the industry, share their experiences, best practices and how they operate SEO. 

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