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About Me.

Hi... I'm Janet Bartoli - for the last 16 years, I've been deeply specialized in search engine optimization, I've architected some of the world's largest SEO programs for brands like Fiat, Verizon, Bank of Montreal and more... I love teaching SEO and have done so for many newbies and veteran SEOs alike. 

They Say

Ricardo Zea

Freelance Web Designer

"I've always appreciated the importance of SEO and Janet's passion and knowledge for that area, is inspiring. Thanks to Janet I was able to learn even more about SEO, but also, all the projects she worked in gained more web presence than before."

Tina George

Marketing Director

" Janet is simply put --- an SEO virtuoso. She’s been my mentor since working on our 1st project together in ‘09 and I’ve never looked back. Always ready with a helping hand or a clear in-plain-English explanation of the most complex aspects of SEO; her abilities & knowledge are without bounds"

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