project name: xiangshan jiuyi residence design


project address: xiangshan, ningbo


design area: 300㎡


main materials: black terrazzo, red cultural brick, wood floor, wood-grain brick, cement paint



some people love the prosperity of the city, others are infatuated with the leisure and quiet of the mountains. jiuyi residence is located in the elephant mountain of "three sides surround the sea, one line crosses the land". "nine" is the pole number in the positive number, not like "ten" perfect, but it has the meaning of steaming upward. it also means "long" and "post" means "village post".


there is no lack of elegant atmosphere in residential accommodation, but it is expensive to be warm and comfortable. careful observation can reveal many warm details. the first floor is the main activity area. on one side is the living room. the larger space is reserved for the dining room. there is a long solid wooden table beside the window. you can read and drink tea. you can cook a pot of tea. along with the rolling white fog, you can recall the past or let your meditation go.


residence reflects the local customs of a place, so in the design process, the original buildings, landforms, green planting and other large-scale changes have not been made, the most possible use of the original space infrastructure. the whole building has seven rooms. the name of the room is named after the number of stories and the style of a single room. they are yiqi, erhuang, eryu, eryun, erxi, sanming and sanye. the layout and scenery of the room are different, but the color system is unified. the warm light in the afternoon is sprinkled on the bed. the long transparent glass leads the vision in. you can listen to music and taste tea, and you can also draw the curtain to feel the video and sound.



the successful building of a lodging can not be separated from the designer's careful design, but the more important thing is the lodging operator's feelings for the lodging. the hosts said: jiuyi may not be a perfect place, but they hope that the visitors will only smell the flowers in this space, not talk about sadness and joy; drink tea and read books, not contend for the morning and night; let the day slower, slower.







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